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Pilot Trading Company is built to serve the bicycle-oriented retailer, by offering a unique, high-end product range on an easy-to-use online b2b store. Through the years we have built a loyal customer base and a solid portfolio of brands that we produce and distribute.

With multiple in-house marketing experts, and a close cooperation with a multi-lingual marketing agency, we also take care of marketing activities of the brands that we distribute.

Every day we strive to be the ideal link between a brand and a retailer. We consciously choose to keep our brand portfolio relatively small, so that we can maintain our position as a real representative of the brands that we speak for.


The Pilot Trading brand portfolio is built on 4 pillars. To secure a cohesive set of distribution brands, every one of our brands must measure up to at least 3 of the following 4 characteristics. Sustainability, uniqueness, quality and innovation are the key-words that define us as a company.

  1. Our mission is to keep people moving in a sustainable way. Sustainability manifests itself in several ways. Whether it is the way that the Kinekt suspension seat posts make people choose to ride their bike to work, instead of using their cars, or the absence of chemicals in our unpainted Pilot bike frames: each and every one of our brands contributes to a better world.
  2. All of our products have a certain kind of uniqueness. We do not offer products that are homogeneous, because this does not fit into our philosophy of standing out from the crowd. Products for the masses are just not our cup of tea.
  3. We would never add a product line to our assortment without fully believing that it consists of high-end products. To us high-end does not just mean high priced. It also means high quality in the broadest possible way, our products need to cater to the needs of both the end consumer and the retailer. Proper problem solvers!
  4. Innovation is in our blood. In fact, it’s the reason our entire company was founded. The quest for perfection is never completed, and that is the fun of it! That is why we love to distribute brands that are a little bit different.

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